TSCi is eager to provide you with the latest voice and data technology products at the most competitive rates.

Our professional staff members have been providing a full range of services to Corporate America since 1985. Let us bring our technology experience to your projects.

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At Trend-Setters, our team comprises experienced technologists and project managers who bring their expertise from Fortune 500 companies, consistently prioritizing a customer-centric approach. With over three decades of serving Corporate America, TSCi's dedicated professionals offer a comprehensive range of services.

Let us leverage our technology experience to drive success in your projects. By providing a seamless 'one-stop-shopping' experience for computing, telecommunications, and human resources needs, TSCi ensures streamlined vendor management, acting as the central point of contact for all activities

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From startups to Fortune 500s, we partner with teams of all sizes.

Bank Of America

MONY Financial Services

CCI Communications

Sama Eyewear

Clarendon, Ltd.

Sony Pictures

Compass Construction

Targus, Inc.

Continental Bank of Chicago

Technology Systems Consulting

Elite Properties

McClier Corporation

Emrouz Daily Newspaper

Playboy Enterprises

Lake Los Angeles School

Price Waterhouse-Coopers

Lan Labs

Anderson Consulting

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Print Optimization
Streamlines processes and techniques to maximize print quality, minimize costs, and promote sustainable practices.
Cloud Computing
Improve data storage and access by providing scalable and on-demand computing resources through a network.
Data Center Operations
Ensure the smooth and efficient management of critical IT infrastructure, including servers, storage, networking, and security systems, to maintain high availability, performance, and security of data and applications.
Network Design and Implementation
Plan, configure, and deploy network infrastructure to establish reliable, secure, and scalable communication channels for efficient data transfer and seamless connectivity.
Cyber Security
Measures, technologies, and practices designed to protect computer systems, networks, and data from unauthorized access, breaches, and threats, ensuring confidentiality, integrity, and availability of digital assets.
Hardware and Software Acquisition
Strategic procurement and integration of technology resources to support business needs, enhance productivity, and ensure optimal performance and compatibility within the organization's IT infrastructure.

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